End of an Era..

That heartbreaking moment in every students life has finally descended upon me… I have completed my three long (but very quick) years at university and I couldn’t be more upset if I tried. The emotional goodbyes to friends who have become more like family, the realisation that student nightlife and ’50p’ shots shall no longer apply to us, those discounts for all us shopoholics who spend our loans before we get them- hell even that old, mouldy sofa that we sit on hungover for hours gossiping about the explicit antics of the night before… all of it now suddenly ripped away from us!  [dramatic or what].

However that being said, I can’t help but feel excited for the next chapter in my life, education now over I feel ready to leap into working life and begin planning my future. I believe that our 20s are probably the most exciting and influential years of our lives, they are a decade where we can emmerse ourselves into anything and everything we want, taking risks with the knowledge that even if it all goes wrong it isn’t the end of the world and we can pick ourselves back up to try something new.

It’s all such a daunting process but I honestly can’t wait to see where I end up a year from now.


Some of my favourite pictures from my last few weeks of living up the student dream and the past couple of years- how i’ll miss these crazy nights out!