Fashion Week is Over

So my internship at London Fashion Week is over and although my feet feel like there about to fall off, the bags under my eyes are in need of some serious TLC in the form of cucumbers and I’m completely exhausted… I can safely say that I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. After a completely spontaneous decision to up sticks and leave my tiny little island I call home, I hopped on the next flight out and travelled up to London to begin a fashion PR placement at Trace Publicity. What should have been a completely daunting experience was made completely the opposite thanks to such a lovely and friendly team and our ‘intern army’ as we liked to call ourselves. Coming from a place that has no trains, no dual carriage ways and everything within walking distance, it’s safe to say that London life was a huge change for me. Thrown in at the deep end teamed only with my trusty I-phone, I was sent out to hand deliver invites across London. This may seem like an easy task to many of you however in the pouring rain, armed with paper envelopes to be delivered to vogue that must NOT get wet and completely lost in London it was an entirely different experience for myself. All I can say is thank goooooood for the city mapper app- this literally saved my life the whole of my internship and I’ve come to realise that I simply don’t understand how people survived before this amazing technology!

The second week was show time and this was the part we had all been waiting for, the moment that all that walking, those blisters, hand drying our soaking clothes and frantically writing hundreds of invites became all worth it. Working front of house I ensured that each guest had a ticket and was sat in their allocated seat (because believe me, people really do come out with the most elaborate excuses to sneak in). Another perk of the job was the opportunity to sit ‘frow’ (pretending to be verrrry important) for the majority of our shows and sneaking a goody bag or two away with us (filled with popcorn, coconut water, label m products and body shop make up- you can’t blame a girl for taking full advantage). Overall it really was an amazing week of excitement for us all. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all fun and games and there were some really stressful times, but the end result makes it all worth it and I really couldn’t recommend this experience more to anyone who seriously wishes to enter the fashion industry.

Images from the following shows; Fyodor Golan, Jean-Pierre Braganza, Tata Naka, The Swedish School of Textiles, Lulu Liu and Tabernacle Twins. To see videos of the full collection check out my Instagram page; @analisevt