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[What an amazing internship this one was, I could not recommend this company enough!! Sitting at my own desk with the girls, helping them pull for their shoots, complete carnets, stalk the fashion cupboard and rack ups creating a visual shopping list for when all the product goes live (this happens alot in my imaginary world where I think I can actually afford to shop.. news flash- I CANT.). This picture was a shot I got from assisting on a music shoot with DJ Elephino and backing dancers. I assisted the stylist in dressing the dancers, watched the whole DJ Set and stuffed my face with as much free banoffee pie as humanly possible- all in all a good day]

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[Another major plus point to interning as ASOS- credit given when credit is due. No matter what department you are in they will credit all interns- amazing right! There have been numerous publications I have slaved my ass off to have no recognition, so when it does happen I get a liiiiittttle bit excited (hence the photo evidence)]

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[CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY!!!! I was asked back to freelance with the magazine once finishing my internship and I couldn’t wait to get back into it all again! Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a chilled out kind of vibe, we were there till 7pm several days and worked through our lunch breaks, but there was never a time we were forced to do this- it’s all part of the job and if one teammates behind WE ALL STAAAAY!! such lovely girls and this was a hilarious day (obviously many jumpers WERE stolen from the fashion cupboard for this occasion)]

Hopefully I will be back to freelance there this year 🙂