Pink Hurrr, Don’t care…

Bleach London

Now i’ve never been one to do crazy things to my precious blonde locks, but give me a temporary colour and a flatmate who has had every hair colour under the sun ready to step in and play hairdresser and I’ll give in. Last year I dip dyed my hair purple and that was a veeery dramatic move for myself as I’m rather attached to my bleach blonde highlights and have been ever since I can remember. Fast forward to 2014 and I was ready for a change, after seeing Bleach London products advertised all over my twitter feed, instagram and tumblr it got more and more tempting to take the plunge and go for a FULL HEAD HAIR COLOUR.. whoaaa crazy lady I know. It was actually the picture above that sealed the deal for me as my hair is so many different colours I knew it wouldn’t take evenly so was a bit sceptical of how it could turn out, but after seeing this I was convinced i’d be fine.

No turning back now…

Whollaaaaa- Daytime shot of the actual colour it turned out.

Styled up for a cinema date, you can see how the colour changed for each strand of hair! and the best part… it’s only temporary so when I get bored of it I can return to my beloved blonde self again 🙂 high five bleach london you have done it again!!