Bindi Shopping


I am a biiiig fan of bindis and if you know me, you’ll know how much I wear them on a regular basis. It started as a thing I used to don every now and then on a night out but now its escalated to festivals, shopping trips, work and now even my local Co-op!!

It’s actually here that I discovered some little shopping secrets to find the best bargain priced beautiful bindis! After several trips to the store and multiple comments from the staff on how much they loved that a white girl was wearing them (they are all of indian origin may I add) I ended up in a 20 minute conversation with a lovely lady at the till. She let me into the best little secret… UPTON PARK LADIES UPTON BLOODY PARK!!

So the next day I got my sister and flatmate in tow and we headed to Upton Park tube stop, turned left and honest to god we were in india (okay well we weren’t but the shops were just as authentic!) We browsed the gorgeous saris, amazing colourful jewellery, inhaled a variety of incense sticks reminding me of holidays and markets abroad and finally got our hands on some of the most beautiful bindis for only £1- thats right ONE POUND!

So there you have it, say seeeee yaaaaa to Ebay and helllloooo to authentic Upton Park!