London Birthday Antics

To be completely honest with you, since turning 21 I just hate birthdays. Not because of the whole age thing and growing old, just because of the effort (and most of the time stress) that comes with organising something that everyone will want to do.

Since leaving uni and packing up my bags for laaandan, all of my friends are scattered around the UK making it SO much harder to do anything together let alone pray everyone is all free on the same weekend.

I eventually stopped putting it off (about a week before) and decided to make a weekend of celebrations so everyone could come along!


I don’t know about you but I had been stalking their Instagram feed for weeks literally dribbling at the sight of their AMAZING cocktails (if you haven’t seen them check out @steamandrye asap!)

So it was set that I HAD to go there and get one of their infamous ‘Maizeballs’ cocktails. It certainly didn’t disappoint, the popcorn syrup mixed with alcohol tasted amazing, real popcorn on the top and complete in its very own popcorn container cup amazing insta photo opp!!

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Following a series of cocktails and champers we had our amazing meal, I totally recommend the cornbread it is literally to die foooo! The lovely marketing manager Stephanie then sent over some Steam & Rye hunks dressed up and carrying a huge crocodile head (yep you heard right) full of shots whilst the music stopped and began playing some kind of crocodile Dundee theme tune, confetti went off and sparklers were lit being waved around by the guys making sure all attention was on us- one of those major embarrassing birthday girl moments but we were totally loving it really!

We then stayed and watched the awesome fire entertainment and acrobats for 4th July celebrations before the live band came on. If you haven’t been down already I totally recommend it and ladies FYI Wednesdays are sorority night 50% off food and drink ALL NIGHT- as if you needed another excuse.

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 Outfit Details

| Body- Missguided | Body Chain – Miss Selfridge | Culottes – Zara | Heels – Kurt Geiger | Necklace- Mango |Watch – Michael Kors


After all of the alcohol I needed some good healthy grub in me and couldn’t think of a nicer resteraunt that Muriels Kitchen! Everytime I go to explain this place to people I struggle to get my desciptions right… its desperate housewives meets cute little garden farm. Checked table cloths, collinders as lampshades, mini plant pots as centrepieces and the ever popular swinging chairs it is just the cutest homliest place ever! Where else in London do you have waited handing out fresh strawberries to the que as we wait for our table- amazing service.

I opted for one of their freshly squeezed juices (to prepare myself for the awful toxins I was about to endure again that evening) and a lovely tagine. I couldn’t fault the fresh food it was amazing, the service was fantastic and we even got to sit on the swingin chairs for our desert thanks to the lovely manager. Talking of desert- CAKE! They literally do the biggest and best slices of cake I have ever seen in my life (and I’ve seen a lot trust me) I could not even finish mine and that takes some doing! Well worth the money and a huge variety of choice including gluten free options which are just as tasty 🙂
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Jett and Kam from the lovely Roxx team invited us down to party with them at the Sanctum Hotel for their Roxx on the Roof summer special. Taking place every satruday for the next 10 weeks this pop up is defiantely worth checking out. Amazing live djs and entertainment, awesome cocktails in skull heads (cause glasses are so overrated) A HOT TUB!! And even access to the hotels private suites- it really was the ultimate daytime party so if you’re in London this summer book yourselves into one here.

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Outfit Details
| Jumpsuit – Motel Rocks | Body Chain – Miss Selfridge | Jacket – Vintage Levis | Shoes – H&M |


Finally as if I wasn’t drunk enough by this point we headed into Picadilly to the new club werewolf. The décor is awesome and so unlike all other central venues, we were looked after by the lovely James and they even bought me out a cake and vodka nawwww.. the rest is history (or just memory loss? But apparently involves being in the DJ booth, harassing a statue, foot massages in the club and refusing to wear shoes anymore).
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Outfit Details
| Jumpsuit – Topshop | Body Chain – Regal Rose | Shoes – River Island | Necklace – Mango |


Do I even need to go into this? I’ll let the food do the talking ❤

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